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  • Gideons is a healthcare solution provider. Established in 1983, our product range spans medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

  • Our medical equipment divison consists of ultrasound systems, X-ray systems, lithotripsy, anesthetic machine & ventilator and hospital equipment.

  • Our pharmaceutical division supplies generic drugs and peripherals.

  • We are based in Kuala Lumpur, federal capital of Malaysia. Through a network of representatives and agents, our products and services are offered nationwide.

  • After-sales is important to support our customers. With a large group of technical specialists, after-sales support is provided nationwide with 24-48 hours response timeline. In many main cities, our response time is within 24 hours, as our specialists are based locally.

  • Through the years, we have built the reputation of a professional and efficient provider. Many principal companies are highly dedicated to Gideons due to the unwavering commitment to grow the products. Our track record with clients continue to grow from a solid base. We have effected several nationwide system installations successfully in the past with the Malaysian Government and the private sector.

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